Chapter 21

The Universe - the Original Being concept

The theory of eternal existence, introducing the analysis of the essenceism system into its claims, uses the concept of the universe shaped by the Original Being. At the same time, our universe has been described by science without reference to any Creator. Science, replacing the First Cause by the initial singularity, has demonstrated in its own way the process of the creation of the universe. Unfortunately, due to such actions, the meaning of its creation remains an impossible mystery for her. It only determined the probable phenomenon of the Big Bang, along with the resulting states of energy and the laws that shape it. So it describes the initial super force, cosmological inflation and the formation of matter with the flow of time on the Plank scale. Instead of a Personal First Cause, it introduced a time mechanism that can either extend infinitely in the case of cosmological inflation, or extend infinitely to explain the phenomenon of evolution. Therefore, all these efforts are to exclude the possibility of the existence of a Personal Original Being. It pains me to say that a large part of scientists are trying very hard not to accidentally speak out about understanding the First Cause of the creation of the universe, life on planet Earth and the appearance of humanity on it. This actually cuts off scientists from learning the sense of existence of the universe, the operation of laws in it, and the sense of its existence. Not wanting to accept the Creator's activity, she had to introduce some substitute terms, groping a bit among the dark matter permeating the universe, dark energy, as well as the unproven phenomenon of cosmological inflation, black holes or the existence of many universes. Thanks to this, you can make any hypotheses, especially regarding the possibility of the extinction of life or the end of the universe.

Of course, the theory of eternal existence does not intend to contradict the development of theoretical astrophysics, Einsteinian physics and quantum mechanics. They are able, at least "externally", to determine the processes taking place in the universe. Many events are already defined and many processes can be predicted with high probability. We are slowly learning the laws that govern the cosmos, we are understanding more and more the expansion of the universe, the transformation of energy into matter, as well as many phenomena occurring inside galaxies, in stars and on planets. Thanks to this, the cosmos is not treated as a great mystery. According to science, this is a developing structure, all the laws of which we will sooner or later learn. Maybe we will understand that it is not just a chasm filled with galaxies here and there. That is why my theory hopes that science will one day recognize the universe as a place shaped by the Original Being and as a zone intended for the development of people - His children.

Thanks to this approach, we can treat the constant expansion of the universe as a phenomenon related to our future. Admittedly, this statement is still a long way off, because we still do poorly even with the Earth itself. Despite this, the theory of eternal existence firmly asserts that our planet is well prepared to raise people to eternal persons on it. For example, I will give the problem of heating people's houses. When thousands of years ago there were few of them, wood cut from numerous forests was enough. When there were many more of us, we found coal underground, which turned out to be more calorific than wood. Over time, we began to extract an even better raw material, which is crude oil. I will also mention smaller energy sources, such as thermal resources, wind power in wind farms or lignite. To heat our homes, we use electricity from power plants based not only on fossil fuels, but also from nuclear or water power plants. In addition, there are photovoltaic panels that use the sun. Our star also has the most efficient source of energy up its sleeve, i.e. nuclear fusion. Unfortunately, the technology of building fusion reactors is too complicated or we have not yet grown up with it. All this points to the wise provision of our Earth. It can therefore be concluded, after the analysis made for my theory by essenceism, that the intelligent plan of the Creator may be behind equipping our planet with energy sources.

In this context, my theory could make a bold thesis that our planet is one of many places in space where the Creator created the conditions for raising His children. He would probably wish that everywhere in the universe there were physical environments for people intended for their attainment of perfection equal to Him. This hypothesis is one of the ideas of my theory. For now, planet Earth is the only place of growth to the perfection of people carrying spiritual beings destined for eternal life in a state beyond time and space. Even if this is only a hypothesis, it gives meaning to the existence of the universe.









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