Chapter 8

Definitions and description of concepts

in the Theory of Eternal Existence

The sphere beyond time and space is an unlimited state, neither time nor space. It is everything beyond the space of the universe, that is, everything that our imagination can comprehend. According to my theory, the universe emerged from a state beyond time and space in the form of a violent event. Figuratively, it can be said that it is now completely in a state beyond time and space. This sphere or otherwise this state is the only proper "place" where the existence of the eternal Original Being is possible. According to the theory of eternal existence, He fills it completely. You can say that he identifies with it. Hence the claim of the theory of eternal existence that the universe first arose from the Original Being, and now resides in Him. Both the existence of this sphere and the Original Being are the basic concepts from which all laws and principles forming the theory of eternal existence derive. In religious terms, this sphere can be called the spiritual world or universe.

Original Being - is the Eternal Personality, i.e. the Original Being unlimited in time and space, permeating with its presence the entire state beyond time and space. All other beings come from this Being: beings that exist eternally, i.e. people and angels, and temporary beings, living and dead.

The act of creation is the process by which matter is created from energy. This means the connection of the Creator's Physical Side (Energy of the First Cause) with His Spiritual Side (Creator's Personality, from which all the laws shaping the universe originate).

The personality of the Original Being - is the Inner Side of the Original Being filling together with its Outer Side (Energy of the First Cause) a state beyond time and space. The attributes of the Original Being's Personality are: Will, Intelligence and Emotionality centered in His Heart. These terms form an existential judgment, according to which the Personality of the Original Being is His proper eternal state, just as the spiritual person of man is the proper eternal state of man.

The energy of the First Cause - this is the inexhaustible primordial energy from which everything was created. It fills both the state beyond time and space (as primary energy) and the space-time of the universe, in which it creates various forms of energy and matter. It is the "material" or, in other words, the "building material" of all things, i.e. everything that is in the universe. It is the External Side of the Original Being, just like a physical person is a human external side.

The Heart of the Original Being - is the Core of His Personality. It is the source of His Original Power of Love. The Heart of the Original Being is the Center where His Emotionality, Intellect and Will are focused. It is like a "point" from which everything that the Original Being does begins.

The Love of the Original Being - is a stream of energy that has its source in the Heart of the Original Being. It concerns one of His main attributes, i.e. Emotionality. The directed energy of God's Love creates the greatest super force in all creation, i.e. the Original Force of Love. Its direction is given by the other main attributes of God, that is, His Intelligence and Will. This direction is defined by the theory of eternal existence as a state that creates good.

Providence of God - a concept introduced into Christian theology meaning the constant care of God over humanity. Contrary to the concept of Providence understood in this way, the theory of eternal existence shows that it is only the operation of God's laws and principles, which, with the help of the Original Power of Love, lead everything created by God to a state of perfection. Its goal is therefore to bring people to the level of God's children and the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven. Providence of God acquired a specific meaning after the fall of the first people. On the one hand, she acts as a permanent signpost showing lost people in the fallen world the correct direction of the road to the Kingdom of Heaven. On the other hand, She activates the Power of Love when a person has the will to act to oppose evil.

The spiritual being is an eternal being derived directly from the Creator and endowed with the attributes of His Personality. This category includes every spiritual person of man and angels. (for completeness: being means a state of existence, and essence is a being endowed with personality).

Man is a being that exists eternally from the moment of his physical birth. It is a derivative of the Original Being born by Him in the form of a spiritual person who needs a physical person from his "earthly" parents for the period of physical life. In the first phase of life, the physical and spiritual person are integrated. After the end of the period of staying on Earth, each person as a spiritual person continues eternal life in the spiritual world. The human being is the highest and distinct form of life.

The physical person of a human being is our physical body endowed with a life instinct similar to some extent to the instinct of animals. In the theory of eternal existence, this instinct was called the physical soul, that is, the inner nature that governs our body.

The spiritual person of man - is a personality emerged from the Personality of the Original Being. It constitutes the proper eternal man. According to the theory of eternal existence, it is a concentration of primordial energy formed around the personality center, called the heart, and directed by the spiritual soul. The theory of eternal existence defines the spiritual soul as the inner directing nature.

The spiritual world - this is the name of the original sphere beyond time and space along with the transitional spiritual spheres intended for imperfect spiritual people who died without reaching perfection. The spiritual world is intended for the eternal life of all spiritual beings. In particular, according to the creative concept of the Creator, the original spiritual world is the proper sphere of eternal residence of people.

Jesus Christ - Son of God, Messiah, Redeemer, Savior, Second Adam and Son of Man. These terms are used by theologians to describe Him. Christians add the word Lord before His name, which emphasizes His position as the Lord of creation, as in the juxtaposition Lord God in the sense of Lord of all things. Jesus Christ was born as a man without any addiction to Satan, that is, without a fallen nature. Such a birth was made up of the entire "ancestral chain" formed from the generations of the nation of Israel. According to the theory of eternal existence, he was to save the world from Satan's power by teaching, not by blood sacrifice. According to this theory, he was human, or rather, he had to be so that the salvation of humanity would make sense. Jesus could represent humanity as a result of defeating Satan, which is symbolically described in the Bible as the temptation in the wilderness. Then He confirmed His dignity as the Son of God. Thus, by fallen humanity, he should be treated as the only Son of God. In a sense, He replaces God Himself, because fallen people have no direct contact with the Creator. According to this theory, it can also be treated as the Image of God intended for our imagination.

Holy Spirit - this divine spiritual being presented by Christians has a perceptible female character, because it represents goodness, love, care and other matriarchal features. Together with Jesus, it constitutes the Image of God called by Christians the Holy Trinity. In this Trinity, Jesus represents the Second Adam and the Holy Spirit represents the Second Eve. Since the Second Eve never appeared, all that remained of her was the mission of standing at the side of the Son of God. This mission can be fulfilled by angels and spiritual persons of women from the Old Testament, such as Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Tamar and many others.

Good and evil

Good - is a state of reality that lasts in accordance with the original concept of the Original Being. According to this state, He shaped man in His Image and likeness, to be His child integrated with His Reality. Thanks to this, we perceive good as a function and result of the laws and principles coming from the Creator, i.e. Divine Providence. Good is introduced by the Force of Love, which is one of the causative forces of the Original Being. The course of action given by it is a state of good, creating the proper status of our world. Thus, essenceism defines good as a condition for the existence of the Creator's reality intended for the eternal survival of humanity. More precisely, it is a state "flowing" from Honesty, Will and Intellect of the Original Being. It is eternal as Himself. It can also be called God's Word put into practice.

Evil - is the only exception to the concept of all things coming from the Creator. It originated entirely outside of Him and is unknown to Him. Evil was introduced into our reality by the protector of the first people, Archangel Lucifer, as a new quality after the creation of the world. It is not a mere quality or phenomenon that is so many in all creation. This is a kind of anti-reality, i.e. a singularity created outside the Original Being. This anti-reality, our evil world, can be called hell. This is the current state of our world.

Here are the basic definitions of good and evil:

a) in the sense of activity - good is action and the result of action in accordance with the Will of God, and evil is action and the result of action inconsistent with the Will of God.

b) in the root meaning - good is a state created by the Original Force of Love, and evil is a state created by the power of power created by reversing the direction of the Force of Love to the opposite.

c) in the sense of state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, i.e. the world under the rule of God, and evil means hell, i.e. the world under the rule of Satan.

d) in the sense of personification - good is embodied in the Personality of the Original Being, and evil in the form personality of Satan.

e) in the sense of existence - good is an eternal state, and evil, as it does not come from the Creator, is transitory and will be liquidated.

f) in the sense of current reality - good is a state of reality that should always exist, and evil is a state of reality that should not be.

Satan, referred to as the original personal evil - this was the former Archangel Lucifer, who turned into a being with a different personality. It does not belong to the Creator Reality. Both Lucifer and Satan are names of the same spiritual being, but with two completely separate personalities, as if they were two different spiritual persons. One, called Satan, has only a fallen nature, in other words a new, evil side of the originally created Archangel, and the other, called Lucifer, seems to have frozen in life activities, still having a pure, original nature. The same is true of those angels who fell with him. For the Creator, there is only one Reality and Archangel Lucifer, as well as other archangels and angels, belong to it. It can be seen from this that apart from the work of the Creator, another reality was created, i.e. anti-reality, to which Satan belongs. So it happened as a result of the action of the Archangel contrary to his mission. It led to a change in the direction of the Primordial Force of Love to the opposite direction, which created the force of power. This process, which took place early in human history, made Satan the wrong "ruler of our world." His power of power led to the downfall of the first people who inherited from him the traits of an evil personality in the form of fallen nature. In this way, Satan became a dominant being over people. He and his subordinate demons shape our reality, because they transfer their power of power to people. Satan is therefore the source of power and its center and quintessence. As a result of salvation, Satan should cease to exist, and then the personality of Archangel Lucifer and his angels will "revive".

The space-time of the universe is the changing and expanding "content" of the universe. According to essenceism, it is surrounded by an eternal sphere beyond time and space, as if stuck in it.

Essenceism is a new term, used only by me, for a coherent analytical system based on logic, designed to study singularities beyond time and space and all that follows from them. The main impulse for its creation was the realization of the possibility of the existence of the First Cause of the universe in a state beyond time and space. This made it possible to explain all the concepts of essenceism, with particular emphasis on the laws of operation of the spiritual world. Essenceism has strictly defined operating principles and research instruments, which, in accordance with the canons of science, were used to create the theory of eternal existence.












Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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