Part 2 of

Theory of  Eternal Existence

Part II. Complementing idea of theory of eternal existence
Chapter 10. The idea of the theory of eternal existence
Chapter 11. Important Feature of the Eternal Existence Theory
Chapter 12. Distinguishing of theory from vision of science and religion
Chapter 13. More knowledge about the state beyond time and space
Chapter 14. The need to understand our reality
Chapter 15. Evaluation of analytical methods concerning this theory
Chapter 16. Ideas of the theory of Eternal Existence in relation to philosophy
Chapter 17. Opinion of Theory Concerning World Religions
Chapter 18. Essenceism shaped the theory of eternal existence


Ideas of The Theory of Eternal Existence

The theory of eternal existence does not claim to be a philosophical or theological theory. Instead, it refers in the form of ideas to topics that are most often dealt with in philosophy and theology.

The theory of eternal existence formulates its conclusions in the form of ideas about particular branches of philosophy or theology:

= the idea of the Heart and the Power of Love

  Original Being (aspect of ontology)

= the idea of Laws and Principles derived from the Original Being (aspect of epistemology)

= the idea of the existence of good (aspect of axiology)

= idea of personal evil (aspect of axiology)

= idea of free will (aspect of epistemology)

= idea of responsibility (aspect of logic)

= the idea of dualism (aspect of ontology)

= idea of Providence (aspect of theology)

= idea of reincarnation (aspect of theology)

= idea of salvation (aspect of theology)

= the idea of the end of the world

  (aspect of logic).








Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

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       “Outline of Theory of Eternal Existence”- (a brief explanation of Theory)

 “Introduction”- (the creation a theory beyond scientific activity)

 “Rules of the Theory of eternal existence”- (the main concepts of Theory)

 “Completion of the idea of the Theory of eternal existence”- (the important remarks)

 “Original Being - Core of the Theory of eternal existence”- (the understanding of Creator)

 “Vision of eternity for man and the world”- (the arguments for eternity)

  “Conclution- (the most important findings of the Theory of eternal existence)

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